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I loved talking with Wyn Morgan and Kate Roberts. The very first question they asked started me on a journey of memories, of before and after, of depression and then finding happiness. Have a listen. Perhaps you will hear something intriguing.

Dear Friends,

I’m so pleased to offer my latest book, Mentored by Mind. During this time off, I’ve been very grateful to have had the energy to devote to my writing. It’s been an absolute joy.

This book was inspired by conversations with clients, groups, family and friends. I am deeply appreciative  for the insights that were sparked as we learned together. I never fail to be lifted by soul-to-soul connection, and by the resilience and courage of the human spirit.

In this book, I share Sydney Banks message of hope, faith,  and transformation as best I can. You’ll hear stories in my clients’ voices, and in my voice,  as that was part of Syd’s guidance—to share  our wisdom, to speak from our “knowing.”

I hope these conversations inspire you to release your original voice even more.

To order click here for Canada, here for the US and other countries, and here for  the UK.

With love, 


A Moment of Starlight

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Elsie’s interview on TalkRADIO – Badass Women.

Please feel free to share this document “Sharing the Principles” with other practitioners who may find it helpful.

There has been a groundswell of interest in sharing this work so Elsie Spittle and George Pransky decided to write a paper that represents a collection of firsthand learnings from their original teacher, Sydney Banks. They collaborated with many of their colleagues who have been learning alongside them in hopes that their collective knowledge might help the people who are interested in using this understanding to better the world.

 “Hope over Fear” A preview of the ease and gentleness of speakers gathering from all around the world to share their understanding of how life really works. They discussed the potential for humanity of an understanding known as the The Three Principles with guests at the Scottish Parliament on May 26th 2015 whilst honouring the legacy and message of Mr Syd Banks who was born in Edinburgh.