Elsie Spittle

Internationally recognized trainer and consultant

Elsie Spittle has been an internationally recognized trainer and consultant for over four decades. She is one of the few people who knew Sydney Banks, originator of the Three Principles, before he had his profound insight, and who stuck by him, despite her own early strong resistance.

Elsie had the privilege of receiving “on the job” training directly from Mr. Banks, travelling with him to address mental health practitioners, educators, and others seeking a deeper understanding of life.

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We are dedicated to sharing the understanding of how the principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought create human experience. We are devoted to assisting people throughout the world to uncover the depth of their own wisdom, and thus to improve the quality of their lives, personally and professionally.

About the Three Principles…

The Three Principles, originally discovered by Sydney Banks, explain how human experience is formed within each person moment-to-moment. An explanation of the principles is: Mind, the formless, spiritual energy behind life; Consciousness, the awareness of existence and who and what we really are; and Thought, the ability to create experience using the formless energy we are blessed with. Preserving the integrity and purity of Sydney Bank’s legacy remains our priority.

These Three Principles work in unison and explain every experience, from joy to despair. Knowing this enables one to make wiser choices and to live a life of peace and contentment. Understanding how the principles work allows people to walk away from a troubled past and to rise above adverse circumstances.

Over four decades of this understanding in practice has demonstrated that people can create rewarding, healthy personal and professional lives. The simplicity and depth of the principles are having a dramatic effect on many fields of endeavor, including mental health care, medicine, education, business, drug and alcohol treatment, the criminal justice system, and a wide range of youth programs.

Since the principles are Universal, all people have the same potential for mental well-being, no matter what their circumstances. Drawing out wisdom and insight from individuals and groups is the goal of 3 Principles for Human Development.


A Moment of Starlight

Often times when we’re trying to understand the Three Principles, it can be easy to slip into intellectual understanding. However, the intellect doesn’t hold the answer we’re looking for. Insight holds the secret to true Read more…

Salt Spring Island

My home.

Salt Spring Island is one of British Columbia’s Gulf Islands.

Situated between Vancouver Island and mainland BC it is a popular vacation spot.

Due to its’ mild weather, beautiful scenery, artists and crafts people abound.

Wild deer roam in the park like setting of the island and often visitors and locals alike can be seen feeding them.

Cherry blossoms are everywhere in the spring.

Ruckle Park is a favourite of locals and tourists alike.

Sydney Bank's Memorial Bench

Sydney Bank's Memorial Bench

If you ever visit Salt Spring Island, this bench can be found in Centennial Park.