3PHD offers mentoring and consulting with individuals, organizations, and communities. Programs are all based on the Three Principles and are intended for anyone interested in pursuing this understanding, both personally and professionally. Insight-based learning is used to draw out the participant’s understanding of the principles presented. From this wiser, more productive state they will know how to reduce personal and organizational factors that keep people from realizing new levels of creativity, motivation, and collaboration.


As people begin to uncover their “true identity” they learn that they have the remarkable capacity to create their own experience of life. Understanding the power of the Three Principles liberates individuals from the limits of their personal thinking, allowing change to occur naturally from the “inside-out”, without techniques or methods. Insight-based learning is a unique distinction in today’s world of workshops devoted to methodology. As people from all walks of life engage their wisdom, they experience significant results.

Individual benefits include…

  • Increased feelings of well being, contentment and gratitude.
  • Marriage and family relationships enhanced.
  • More enjoyment and satisfaction of work life.
  • Substance abusers find new hope and leave their addictions behind.
  • Mental illness and despair are understood and vanquished.
  • Inmates find hope and happiness, even while imprisoned.

Community Benefits include…

  • Residents become empowered to take charge and revitalize their community.
  • Residents develop harmonious relationships with police and other service providers.
  • Welfare-dependent families become motivated to find jobs and become self-sufficient.
  • Youth are inspired to continue their education and become productive citizens.

Corporate benefits include…

  • Executives experience reduced stress, become more energized, inspired and creative.
  • Employees engage new levels of well-being, motivation, and productivity.
  • Communication is enhanced, reducing conflict and misunderstanding.
  • Harmonious relationships develop, enhancing teamwork and collaboration.
  • Profitability increased, without sacrificing human resources.