Our day-to-day living gives us all opportunities to learn and to share understanding. I have such appreciation for that. We don’t have to attend trainings, or study the Principles, in order to continue our spiritual evolution. Simply put, we can just “live” and the School of Life comes to us.

The other day, while I was walking in our retirement community, a neighbor, Patricia, asked if she could walk with me. I happily agreed, and 6 feet apart, we continued our stroll.

After a few minutes, Patricia turned to me, and said, “Is it okay if I ask you something?”

“Absolutely, “I replied.

“I’ve been wondering how you have found solace during these difficult times we’re living in; the virus, economy, and so on. Whenever I see you, I feel a calmness coming from you, and I’ve become curious.” She glanced at me sheepishly, “So I decided to do some online research on you.

Pat changed the subject then, and said, “Elsie, we’ve met a few times prior to the pandemic, when our neighborhood had gatherings for special occasions, and we’ve always had lovely conversations. Then when we were in lock-down, because of the virus, I saw you out on your porch with Ken, banging pots with us all, to honor our first responders. We live in a great neighborhood.

I smiled and nodded my head in agreement.

“During the restrictions on family and friends’ gatherings,” Pat continued, “Some of us gathered outdoors in a circle, once a week, just to check in with one another to see all was well; all of us respecting social distancing. Sometimes you and Ken joined us and other times, you didn’t. We saw that you two appreciate your privacy.

“However, recently I find myself worn down with this “stay at home” directive so I’ve become more curious about your and Ken’s consistent level of well-being. When I researched you online, I learned a bit about this Three Principles paradigm that seems to be the underlying foundation of your work. How do the Principles help bring about calm during these overwhelming times? I’d like to know because I feel at the end of my rope.”

We continued our walk in silence for a time, until Pat said in a shaky voice, “My close friend’s husband just passed away from the virus and she is grief-stricken. I feel helpless to assist her and yet my heart goes out to her. How can I help her and myself?”

As I listened to Pat, I felt her words; actually, I felt beyond her words to her soul. I saw the worry and anxiety in her face; yet I felt her soul, and I felt her wisdom, given that she “saw” my and Ken’s calm, and had the courage to ask about this.

I honored her wisdom by sharing what I observed in her. “Pat, you are so wise to see what you see, and to feel so deeply for your friend, who lost her husband. You already are experiencing some of the benefits of the Principles. The Principles are inherent within all humanity, so there is nothing for us to do in order to release this soul knowledge, except to release it.

“We live in the Principles. In other words, we are the Principles in action, whether we are aware of this spiritual fact or not. That’s why you are able to “see” the calm that Ken and I live in much of the time. Certainly, we experience stress like anyone else. The difference is that we know our stress is coming from our thoughts, not from the circumstances surrounding us. That understanding makes all the difference in the world. It protects us from the knocks of life. It’s the difference between the light and the dark.”

“What do you mean that stress doesn’t come from the circumstances surrounding us. I see so many of my friends and neighbors more stressed than I’ve ever seen before. And I feel more stress in myself,” Pat said. “The situation surrounding us all certainly is worrisome.”

“I’m not denying the circumstances we find ourselves in. I see what’s going on. Let me ask you this, Pat. Has worrying helped you?”

There was a lengthy pause. “Well, now that you mention it, not really. But I don’t know what else to do. Isn’t worrying normal?”

“Yes, Pat, it is, in the world of intellect. However, the gift of the Principles is that when we begin to understand that we create our reality, using the innate gifts of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought, we use these creative elements to create from wisdom, not from the intellect. Wisdom becomes more readily available to protect us from stress, as well as providing insights and solutions on how best to assist ourselves, our friends and family, and humanity as a whole.

“The simplicity of wisdom is that it releases our soul, our true nature, and our true nature is love. Love has great power. Love has infinite protection. The more we live in love, the calmer we are, and that comforting feeling ripples into society, bringing some peace and harmony to a world in need.

I paused in our walk, and turned to face her.

“Pat, you’re already experiencing that gift. You felt our calm, because your true nature had been stirred. Do you see that?”

We looked directly into each other’s eyes for a moment, then moved on. Silence enfolded us and not another word was said, till we parted ways in front of our homes, and said goodbye, with a smile.

As I let myself in the back door, and took my coat off, I felt very moved by my engagement with Pat. A soul-to-soul connection, with another human looking “inside” at their true nature.

Later that day, I had an inspiring conversation with a new client friend, Alisa. I asked her to tell me a bit about herself. She told me she’d had some profound insights from reading The Genesis of the Three Principles and wanted to discuss with me.

Alisa shared how she’d grown up, knowing that we are all the same, no one better than anyone else, and so on. She talked about losing a child in miscarriage, and how she ultimately moved past her grief, knowing the baby’s soul was “home” again. When I remarked on how profound this was, she said, “I’ve always felt like an old soul.”

As we carried on our conversation, I could hear her wisdom, and was really struck by how she saw the best in whomever she met. Whether it was a religious person who spoke to her at her son’s soccer practice, that she respectfully listened to, or to seeing a woman, late in the evening, at a grocery store, who looked like a lost soul.

Alisa described the woman. “She was wearing a tight dress, and a fake fur coat; her make-up was smeared all over her face, and she was looking the worse for wear. She had a bottle of vodka in her hand to purchase. I think she may have been a lady of the evening. I could see this without judging her. I saw her with compassion. When I passed her on the way out of the store, I saw by her eyes and manner that she was drunk. Her eyes looked so sad. I said to her, “Take good care of yourself.”

The woman looked at Alisa, startled, then smiled, saying, “I will, hon; I will. Thank you!”

I was so moved by this story that I was silent for a few moments. Alisa had shared love with a soul in need, giving the woman a moment of solace, of someone caring for her, a moment of spiritual protection. They each went their own way, after experiencing soul-to-soul connection.

It doesn’t matter that the woman Alisa spoke to had no idea about the Principles. What matters is looking to love, to understanding and wisdom; all spiritual essence that fills us and makes us what we are. Living in love brings divine understanding, offering real protection from the trials of life, not only for us, but by our contact, brings a degree of protection to others. This, this is the gift we are all born with, to share wisdom with others.


Anni · January 18, 2021 at 5:11 am

Utterly beautiful Elsie, thank you for the eloquent share of what I now know more deeply

    Elsie · January 18, 2021 at 6:58 pm

    Dear Anni, thanks so much for your heartwarming comments. I’m happy something sparked for you.❤

Karen Evanoff · January 27, 2021 at 6:53 am

Hi Elsie,
As always in your sharing, I enjoyed the simple yet profound message. Such an important reminder. No need to keep searching or trying to ‘get’ the principles. I have to giggle just thinking about that search! Thank you. And hi to Ken : )

    Elsie · January 27, 2021 at 3:55 pm

    Dear Karen, it’s lovely to hear from you! Thank you for your heartwarming comments. I agree, such a relief, knowing the search is over. And Ken sends his best regards to you.

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